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Physical Solutions

The PerfectMail Install Image is a self-installing CD that includes the entire PerfectMail software base and underlying operating system, ready to install on your hardware. PerfectMail on CD supports most popular hardware platforms and, because it includes the operating system, there is nothing else to buy.

PerfectMail is ideal for organizations that want PerfectMail's superior anti-spam and anti-virus protection without having to purchase additional hardware.

You get effective, consistent anti-spam and anti-virus protection. Included are the tools you need to manage, monitor and review e-mail use, making the PerfectMail CD ideal for businesses, charities, non-profits, schools and other organizations who want enterprise class anti-spam protection with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Building a physical solution is easy:

  • Select your preferred vendor hardware
  • Choose hardware that is compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6 or newer
  • Size your server to match the PerfectMail Edition you needs. You need a minimum of 2 physical CPU cores (any speed), 1GB RAM (2+ recommended), 20+GB of disk space and one Gb or Fast Ethernet NIC

If you have questions about what hardware configuration is right for you, please contact our support staff.

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