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PerfectMail Downloads and Documents

PerfectMail Install Image

PM-3.7.214.CentOS6.iso (INSTALL IMAGE)
PM-3.7.214.CentOS6.iso.md5 (MD5 Check-Sum)

To install PerfectMail download the Install Image above. (Using the optional .md5 checksum to verify the download was successful.) This is an ISO Image of our Installation CD. Burn this image to a CD or mount it in your virtual environment.

Make sure you download and read the Setup Guide available below before installing PerfectMail.

Note: This is a full server install CD, including Operating System components It will reformat the hard drive on the target computer.

Latest Documentation

PerfectMail_Pricing.pdf - Pricing & Features
SetupGuide.pdf - PerfectMail Setup Guide
XenGuide.pdf - XenServer Supplemental
AdminGuide.pdf - Administrators Guide
UserGuide.pdf - Mail User Guide
NDA.pdf - Non-Disclosure Agreement
License.pdf - PerfectMail License Agreement

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