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Or - Does the World Really Needs Another Spam Filter? (Short Answer - Yes!)

In our experience, traditional antispam software can be one of the troublesome products customers have to deal with. They are absolutely necessary but come with their own set of issues... They cost too much, their accuracy fluctuates (sometimes wildly), they are resource pigs demanding major CPU and memory resources in order to function, they require too much user/administrator time monitoring, tweaking, tuning the spam filter, etc.

PerfectMail is different. PerfectMail is a completely new spam filter designed to eliminate the cost and pain associated with antispam protection. PerfectMail is:

In future posts, I will go into more detail about PerfectMail's features and capabilities. However the real proof (i.e.: did we get it right) is in how PerfectMail works in your environment. So, I encourage you to take PerfectMail for a free 60-day test drive so you can experience it for yourself.


Larry Karnis

President / PerfectMail

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